Igor Ledochowski Scam

November 16, 2011

Igor Ledochowski Scam


Igor Ledochowski ScamIgor Ledochowski Scam? – If you are considering learning stage or therapeutic hypnosis, it is likely that you have heard of the name 'Igor Ledochowski' at some point recently. You may even be considering enrolling as one of his students, by purchasing his "Power of Conversational Hypnosis".

As is the case with any purchase, especially online, you need to ensure that you are looking at something from all angles, and it is only natural too that you want to get the absolute best value for money.

With that said then, would you be making a mistake if you were to enroll on this course? Is Igor Ledochowski out to scam you of your money?

Whilst we may find a small minority of random comments online from people 'bad-mouthing' Mr Ledochowski, when we dig deeper we can see that these same people are more than likely his 'competitors', who then subtlely try to convince you to buy their own 'watered-down' hypnosis program instead! Crafty!

So, rather than listen to just hearsay, what you really need to do is simply consider the facts about this man, and then ask yourself whether his course is something you think you will benefit from. Don't listen to random comments posted online. Heck, don't even listen to me! You don't know me anymore than you know 'Mr Random'.

No. When making a purchase online – any purchase – you should listen solely to the facts, and NOTHING ELSE. Then make up your OWN mind about whether to buy or not. And this applies not just to Igor Ledochowski products, but anything else that you may buy on line too.

So, let's take a closer look at Igor Ledochowski and his controversial hypnosis system:


The Power of Conversational Hypnosis System

Igor's Power of Conversational Hypnosis system centres areound one important truth.

Namely that the human mind is very receptive to a fresh idea that it receives, or a new thought that it is subjected to, if such a thought or idea is infused steadily and slowly over a certain space of time. Furthermore, the person you are trying to hypnotize needs to totally believe the person who is trying to hypnotize them.

As an example, at this moment in time, you will have a certain subconscious idea or feeling about a certain person – be it positive or negative. This person, to carry on with this example, is trying to get you to buy his car, and is using conversational hypnosis techniques in his attempts to persuade you. However, you do not trust him as a person, and do not matter how hard he tries, he won't succeed in making you part with your money.

In such a case, your mind automatically puts up a barrier to protect yourself from this person, so no matter what he says you will not be open to his suggestions, as you simply do not trust him.

Even if he happens to be your best friend, your lack of trust im him means that there is no way you are going to lend him money, buy his car, or invest in anything else he asks of you financially.


Igor Ledowchowski's system is almost certainly the most effective way for you to learn techniques to help enable you to persuade people to see things your way. By using the system, the person you are trying to persuade would likely not even be aware of the fact that their brain is being pushed into a certain way of thinking. This is because you will be shown how to implement the idea in a non-aggressive manner, which would result in that person's defenses being raised almost immediately.

Without a doubt, Ledowchowski's program works, and it is now becoming one of the most popular hypnosis systems available online, or indeed anywhere. By using this system, you will be able to influence people in very positive ways, and without having problems in convincing them to your way of thinking.

The system offers over 18 hours of first class audio instruction, and with a full 60 day money back guarantee (offered by Clickbank, one of the net's most respected online payment processors), it is very difficult to to uphold any comment which claims that there is an Igor Ledowchowski scam here.


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Igor Ledochowski Products

October 16, 2011

Igor Ledochowski Products


Igor Ledochowski Products – For people searching for a conversational hypnosis online-based course, the chances are, you may certainly have heard of the "covert hypnosis training" program by Igor Ledochowski, from maybe some reading that you have done on review articles on Google. The system is called The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, and it was compiled by Igor’s business associate, a man called Clifford Mee.

If this is the first occassion that you’ve heard of this learning system, you can visit the official site here.

So what is so unique and special about this hypnosis learning system and package?

Well, if you’ve read or studied any of his books, you’ll know that his training materials are top notch. As a top student of Dr Milton Erickson, Igor's training system has been used to enpower and train many corporate business leaders in the secret art of covert hypnosis.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis system comprises of Igor’s recorded training lessons. It is the same system which many live participants paid thousands of dollars to attend.

What type of learning material will you get in the package?

The online system package comes complete with an enormous 18 hrs worth of quality and informative audio recordings. You will, furthermore,  also receive a 629 page insturuction manual of the full audio transcript. It will probably take you about 2 weeks to go through all the training material. It is very thorough.

(Of course, as with any prominent name online, there are always going to be doubters , and people looking to make a quick buck by bad-mouthing other people, hence the odd Igor Ledochowski scam comment. Rest assured that there is no proof whatsoever that there is any scam involved here, and that Mr Ledochowski is indeed the real deal.)

Since The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is available as a digital download, all the pdf files and audios can be instantly downloaded to your laptop or computer. This is the flagship of the Igor Ledochowski products range

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Igor Ledochowski The Money In Your Mind Review

October 8, 2011

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